We're Having a Baby!!!

Actually, we've known for a couple of weeks, but we were finally able to tell our parents today!!! Yeah!!! Jenn is six weeks along and doing well. She has a little nausea from time to time, but other than that is fine. We had to wait until today to tell our parents because Jenn's father was doing his annual training for the National Guards these past two weeks. So this morning we got both my parents and her parents to meet us at the Purgatory Golf Course. The premise was that I was taking the dads out for a round of golf as a belated father's day gift. The moms came down to, and were going to hang out with Jenn while we golfed. Afterwards we were going to have a cookout. When everyone was at the course, we gave our moms a gift. It was a picture frame etched with a baby angel at the top, and at the bottom it said, "Here Comes Trouble." Inside, we had printed an announcement that a baby was scheduled to arrive in February of 2004. The moms flipped out!! Everyone was so excited! It was great. So after all the hugs and the crying, the ladies went to the Fishers Freedom Festival while the men played our round. I think it really affected Jenn's dad for the first couple of holes. When we got back, we cooked out a lot of hamburgers and hotdogs, and had a great time. I also called my brother to let him know that he was going to be an Uncle and that Nadia would have a cousin soon. It is so nice to finally have the secret out! We wanted to wait for a while anyway, just in case something went wrong and Jenn lost the baby. That can happen a lot within the first trimester. In fact, it is still a possibility, so we are hoping and praying that everything goes well. We are not going to learn the baby's sex until the day of the birth. We're going to paint the nursery a yellow color. We've picked out a girl name, Samantha Ann, but we haven't settled on a boy name yet. We both like Aidan and Corbin, and a few others, but we just haven't been able to settle on one. We have plenty of time to figure it out though. I'm gonna be a DAD!

Breakfast: English Muffin
Lunch: Hotdog
Dinner: Hamburger and chips
Current Weight: 225


Jade Mason