Exercise Night

Tonight was our first set of exercises classes together. I'm completely exhausted. We had a 45 minute weight training class, followed by a one hour cardio / aerobics class. Both of them kicked my butt! They are held at the Carmel/Clay Parks Department. Each class is $36 and meets twice a week for four weeks. I think after this session I'll limit myself to just one class. We took our pulses towards the end of the cardio class and I was around 120 bpm. That's a fairly good rate for exercise I guess. My resting rate is around 60 bpm, so I guess I'm normal. I'm seriously overweight though. I'm currently 6'1" tall and 225 pounds. I left high school at the same height, but underweight at a mere 165. I managed to stay trim through college, starting my senior year at 180, which was a pretty healthy weight for me. But since then, I've just been packing on the weight. I hardly get any exercise. I sit at a desk at work for 8 to 10 hours, then come home where I eat dinner, watch TV, play on the PC, play a video game, then go to bed. I've run a few 5 mile and 5K races each fall for the past couple of years, and the training has helped to keep my weight from getting completely out of control. But recently, the best I do is to mow the lawn and do regular housework. Fortunately, I carry the weight pretty well to this point. Even though my BMI puts me in the obese category, I don't think anyone would believe it by looking at me. Ahh the power of the right clothes :-)

So hopefully these classes will do me some good. I got nearly two hours of good exercise in. I'll do it again on Thursday, and keep it up for the next three weeks. Classes start the very last week, which means that my weeknights will be pretty booked. Oh well, nothing better to do I suppose.
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Jade Mason