Top o' The Mornin'

It's early! I got up just before 5am this morning so I can travel. It seems that I really didn't need to get up this early, but at least I'm ready to go. I modified my breakfast this morning to in the hopes that I will make it to lunch without chewing my arm off. Our dog, Koby, is hilarious in the morning. Hilarious, that is, if you're in the mood to have a wound up dog jumping all over the place at 6am. Koby is a Salt & Pepper colored Miniature Schnauzer with drop ears rather than cropped. He has a very set routine. He wakes one of us up (usually Jenn) around 6am to be let outside. After he is finished and comes back in he makes a mad dash for his food dish where he fully expects that you have filled it with his breakfast. Woe to the unwary morning person who has neglected to fill his bowl! Koby immediately dispenses a dressing down if he has not been supplied with the proper number and type of morning treat. Usually, he gets three Milk Bones and two of some type of premium treat, like Pup Peroni. Somehow, he knows if he hasn't had enough. If we run out of the premium treats, we can usually sate his appetite by providing more Milk Bones, but not without receiving dirty looks for the rest of the day. Once Koby has had his morning treat, his next duty is to go wake the other person. This usually involves making a flying leap at the bed, and then pouncing on the victim sleeper. Finally, once everyone is awake and getting ready for work, he saunters down to the dining room to find his sunbeam. This is where he'll stay until we are ready to leave. He gives us a goodbye at the window, then finds a nice comfy spot to rest so that he can be ready to greet us when we get home. We love that dog!

Breakfast: English Muffin with AppleButter. NutriGrain Bar
Lunch: 12" Meatball Sub, Diet Pepsi
Dinner: Taco Salad
Current Weight: 225


Jade Mason