Call Waiting

Jenn and I disagree on the issue of call waiting. I think it is rude. Jenn thinks it is a useful feature to have on the phone. I'm of the opinion that when you put a caller on hold, it is sort of like saying, "Hold on while I check to see if someone I'd rather talk to is calling." Pretty rude. Jenn has a couple of good points though. It would be nice to have call waiting if there were some emergency and someone needed to get through. Or if we had teenagers who used the phone all of the time. But we both have cell phones, and we don't have any kids, so they both seem like non-issues to me. Ameritech is currently charging and arm and a leg for any features on our local phone too. I think it is $15 to get call waiting and voice mail. I'd rather have the $20 answering machine from Sears. If they ever offer those services for free, maybe I'd use them. Until then, or until we have teenagers, forget it.
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Jade Mason