Jeremiah was a Bullfrog

Last night, around 2am, I was playing some Yahoo Euchre when I heard a fairly loud thud on our basement window. I went over to the window, and staring back at me was a very large, confused bullfrog. Evidently while in search of a mate or food, he had managed to hop down into the basement window well. The well is about three feet deep. I wasn't sure if the frog would be able to make it back out or not, but I decided to leave it for the morning to figure out. That side of the house gets plenty of shade, and is usually pretty damp, and there were plenty of bugs for him to snack on.

The next morning, after church and lunch, we got back home and started doing some yard work. I decided to check on our bullfrog friend, and sure enough, there he was. I gave him a little nudge with a plank of wood, and he squirmed a bit. I left the plank at an angle out of the well, so that if he wanted, he could wander out. After finishing the mowing, I went back to check. Bullfrog was still in the same corner of the well. He didn't look like he was having much fun, so I tried to figure out how to get him out. I first tried scooping him up with a shovel. Everytime I got him about half way out, he'd hop off the shovel and end up back in the hole. So then I tried the grass rake, thinking I could pin him to the side and pull him up. I just couldn't get the leverage, and it looked like it might hurt him, so I gave up on that. Jenn then had the great idea to try using a bucket. That was the trick that worked. After a quick scoop, Bullfrog was safely delivered to the retention pond. I splashed a little water on him, and he immediately took off into the pond. I'm sure I'll be hearing him tonight, singing with the rest of them.
[Listening to: Counting Crows Feat. Venessa Carlton - Now Music! 4 - Big Yellow Taxi]


Jade Mason