Game Night
Tonight was our usual night out with the gang. We headed over to The Olive Garden for dinner. I've never been a big fan of The Olive Garden. I don't care for their salad or breadsticks. The food is okay, but nothing that I ever really crave. I had the seafood portofino tonight. Jenn loves it though, especially their salads. She was craving it tonight. We hadn't been in a long, long time, and Jenn has gone to restaurants with me that I like and she doesn't. So off we went. The rest of the gang likes it pretty well too.
After dinner it was back to our place where we played a couple of games that the Strawhackers had gotten us for Christmas. The first was Brain Strain. We were kind of worried at first. It seemed like it was going to be some really dorky game. All the players put a headband on, and each player rights a person, a place, and a thing on individual cards. One player rolls a dice, and picks someone else's card. The place the card facing out in their headband, and have 60 seconds to ask yes or no questions to find out what it is. If they guess right, they get to move the dice roll number of spaces. Otherwise, they can buy clues from the players for points. It turned out to be a lot of fun. To be fair, we had to pick things that we would all know.
The second game, I don't care for us much. It's called true colors. The game revolves around asking a questions, such as "who is the most frugal". Everyone is wearing a pin of a different color. Each player casts two votes for the people or person they believe most fit the question. Then each player guesses if they received the most, some, or no votes. If you guess right, you get points. I think this game is just a fight in a box. The questions can be mean, or completely obvious. You aren't allowed to vote for yourself, so when it is totally obvious that one person fits the question, you don't know who that person is going to vote for. And if it is a mean questions, such as "Who is the worst driver" expect an argument to break out. In theory, the voting can be anonymous if, after each question, everyone throws in the rest of their voting cards and they are all re-dealt. Doing this takes a really long time though, so we ended up just grabbing our votes back out of the pile. Which means that everyone knows who you voted for. Here's a tip: never vote for your wife, unless it is for something good. Also, make sure that, prior to voting, you announce that you are unable to vote for your spouse because of the way the question is worded (when that happens).
We didn't get into any fights, but it just wasn't very much fun either. We know each other so well, and we all know what we think of each other, so there aren't any real shockers. We are a very close group of friends, so we know each other pretty intimately. The game has a weird target audience: friends who are close enough to bash each other and not be offended, but not so close that they don't know everything about each other. After that, we were all pretty bushed, so we called it a night.


Jade Mason