The Star Wars Kid
For anyone who hasn't seen it, here are some links to the mirrors of the star wars kid videos. The Star Wars Kid is some poor canadian high school student named Ghyslain who runs the media lab for his school. The story (as I've heard it) is that he was just having some fun with the media lab equipment, video taping himself doing some jedi light saber moves with a golf ball retriever. Unfortunately, he forgot to rewind the tape prior to recording the next basketball game. When the coaches and players sat down to review the tape, they were greeted by nearly 3 minutes of Ghyslain making a fool of himself. Some converted the tape digital format and posted it on the web. Next thing you know, poor Ghyslain is the internet's latest meme. Evidently raised a bunch of donations to help ease some of the kids embarassment. I read on Fark, though, that the kid got a lawyer and is going after the people who posted the tape. In any case, below are links to the three videos. The first one is the original. Some talented video editor added some light saber effects and preamble to the remix version. Lastly, someone with entirely too much time created a "Matrix" version of the video.

The Star Wars Kid
The Star Wars Kid (Remix)
The Star Wars Kid: Reloaded


Jade Mason