I finally got around to priming the Boilercade for painting today. Ever since we were able to play the games on it, work has ceased on improving it. Our company president let me know on Thursday that the company is going to have Hack and I build another for the new building. That should be fun. Plus, someone else will be paying for it, so we can get better stuff. It has been a pretty fun project so far. I'm hoping to get some painting done tomorrow night, but I'm not sure if that is going to be in the cards. We are planning on joining the church we attend, and we have a class for joiners tomorrow after church. After that, I need to mow the lawn, which isn't going to leave a lot of time for painting. Unfortunately, it may be some time before it is completed.

This next week is going to fly by. Sunday we have the class for joining the church. Monday is my first class towards earning my MBA. Tuesday and Thursday I have exercise classes. Wednesday and Friday I'm heading to Churubusco for work. Saturday I'm taking our fathers out for a round of golf as a late Father's day gift, since Jenn's dad had National Guard duty this past two weeks. Every day has something planned. This is gonna wear me out! I better get to bed!

Brunch: Hot Dogs and Coffee
Late Lunch: Pancakes
Dinner: Monterey Chicken Sandwich and Potato Soup at Charleston's
Current Weight: 226


Jade Mason