New Credit Card

I've decided to switch credit cards. I was using the GM Card because of the 5% rebate on GM vehicles, but now that we bought the new one, we don't need the card. We would not be able to use the card in conjunction with my father's employee discount, so it really isn't of value to us now. I searched around for the different deals that cards ran. I wanted something that would give us either money back, or something else useful. We don't fly often, so frequent flyer miles were pretty worthless. A gas card would be good, or something with cash back even better. I looked at Discover, American Express Blue Cash, and the MasterCard BP Oil card. The BP Oil card looked like a good deal, but only if I bought gas from BP. We usually get gas at the Village Pantry, so that was out. MasterCard also had a card that would deposit 10% of your spending into a mutual fund. That sounded pretty good too. In the end, I went with the AmEx Blue Cash. They say you can earn up to 5% back, but that's only if you carry a balance. We'll probably average about 3% back. That's pretty good, considering we usually have over $1K on our bill each month. If we start billing all of our utilities on the card, that will add up even faster. I got the card today. It's sort of cool looking with the blue translucent backing and the smartchip. I'm going to see if I can get AmEx to send me a free smartcard reader so I can do the one time credit card number feature.


Jade Mason