Long Day

Today was a very long day. I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to pile a bunch of our equipment into Hack's van and go up to Churubusco.. Don't let the website fool you, there is nothing in Churubusco. Almost every business is run out of the owner's home. We were traveling to QSI Automation to do some testing on a project we are doing for Caterpillar. Two hours on the road there, two hours on the way back. Hack has a DVD player in his Pilot, and he brought the Matrix DVD with him, but for some reason we weren't all that interested in it. It's not that I-69 is all that exciting (I know, the name is quite deceiving), it just seemed rude to let him chauffer Andy and I like that. He promised that next time he would have the XBOX hooked up so that we could play SSX Tricky or Project Gotham Racing. Hack's been gloating about his 800,000 point plus score on Garibalda. As soon as I can tear myself away from Tiger Woods, I'll have to smash him.

Anyway, after the return from "fabulous" Churubusco, I had exercise class again tonight. Jenn had taken a Yoga class earlier in the day, and was feeling a little sick, so she decided to cut out of the aerobics class and just take the weight training. I arrived a couple of minutes late, but she had everything setup for me <3. I love that woman. I managed to survive this set of classes a lot better than the first, but I'm still having a bit of trouble following the rhythm of the instructor. Just as I think I know what she's doing, she throws some wacky jazz hands in, or starts throwing out the kicks and the thumbs. I dunno, I just start shuffling side to side until she gets to something I can figure out. Still, I'm getting good exercise. I hope to get a scale this weekend so I can start tracking my weight. I'll make sure to note my progress (or lack thereof) here.

I think it's time to head upstairs and get a couple of rounds in with my buddy Tiger. See you tomorrow.
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Jade Mason