Old School

We watched the movie "Old School" with our friends tonight. It was pretty funny, but it got really slow in parts. It was marked as the unrated version, but we really didn't see anything too revolting (other than maybe Will Ferrel's ass). Saturday Night Live and the crew have gone really down hill. I mean really down hill. Eddie Murphy, Jon Belushi, and Steve Martin were kings. Can you even name anyone on SNL anymore? I can't. There's that one bookish chick, that does the news, and the other guy, that does the news with her. Yeah. Oh yeah, and the black one. And the latin chick. Whatever. The last one I watched the humor was aimed squarely at rich, snobby, elitist assholes. Way to identify with your target audience. SNL was meant as the place for the not quite ready for prime time crew to get their first licks. Chris Kattan has been on there forever. Nothing he has ever done has been funny. Mango? Mr. Peepers? How did this guy ever get movies?!? A Night at the Roxburry and Corky Romano were both bombs. It's time for some serious change.

Breakfast: SlimFast
Lunch: Subway 6" Sub
Dinner: Penn Station Medium Phillie Cheesesteak, Baked Chips
Current Weight: 225
[Listening to: Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile (1 of 2) - La Mer]


Jade Mason