Bad Mood

I've been in an awful mood today. I'm not really sure what brought it on. It could be that our office is 80 degrees. It could be that nothing seems to work on the project I'm developing on. It could be that I'm always butting heads with my project manager (who's out of town this week). It could be that I only got four hours of sleep last night. It could be the guy that cut me off earlier today. Or maybe I'm just having one of those bad mood days. I felt bad that I was so short with Jenn this evening. I'm not mad at her. I just didn't want to get too long winded because then I might end up saying something hurtful, or just start blowing up. No need to make her upset too. We took a quick ride to the bookstore, but I didn't see anything that I really needed. Watched some SouthPark. Got a couple of laughs. Actually, that sort of cheered me up. And now that I'm down in the cold basement, I think I'm really not in such a bad mood anymore. Too bad it took me this long to cheer up.

Jenn is such a great woman. She puts up with me when I'm in moods like this. She knows that I'm not upset with her and I just need some quiet time to be left alone. Yesterday she even volunteered to play some Tiger Woods Golf. Jenn hates video games, so that was really impressive. Hopefully she knows that I appreciate it and love her for it. I try to be the best husband I can for her. I love you babe!

Breakfast: SlimFast
Lunch: QDoba Chicken Burrito (black beans, hot sauce, cheese, sour cream, and lettuce)
Dinner: Sausage, Mashed Potatoes, and corn (Vodka Tonic to drink)
Snack: Handful of cashews after lunch. Chocolate Milk after dinner
Current Weight: 225
[Listening to: Richard D. James - Richard D. James Album - Yellow Tax]


Jade Mason