Left Lane Ends

It really irritates me when people go flying up a lane on a road that is about to end, and then try to cut over. It's very dangerous, and it is rude to the other drivers who are already queued up in the open lane. Today, I got my revenge on one of those rude drivers. Near here, where US-37 south merges onto I-69 south, the left lane of US-37 ends and everyone needs to merge right. The merge is well marked way before the lane ends, so people have plenty of time to get over. Unfortunately, lots of people take this opportunity to try and jump ahead. Today, some jerk in a new green Ford Expedition thought he would take his chances. He goes flying up the road well over 70 mph. But the right lane is completely jammed. I'm at the end of the line in the right lane, and the lane starts to move. Everyone is staying bumper to bumper and no one is letting this creep in. As I'm going by, the left lane has ended and the green meanie is trying to force me off the road so he can merge. I hold my ground, and he falls behind. So this jerk starts laying on the horn, like he was entitled to move over in front of me. Yeah right. So I give him the appropriate salute. This really incenses the guy. He breaks out into the onramp to I-69 south and is nearly leaping out his window to yell at me and give me the finger. I just blew him a kiss. What a jerk. First he tries to force me off the road, then he honks like I should have let him in, and now he is yelling and screaming and paying no attention to the road so he can lodge is greivance with me. Here's a quarter buddy. I bet he is a real fun guy to be around. It gave me a little personal satisfaction to finally stick it to one of the road hogs. Sure, it was probably dangerous and stupid, but if no one sticks up for themselves, then these maniacs will just continue to be a menace.
[Listening to: Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral - Mr. Self Destruct]


Jade Mason