Church Membership

Our church membership class was today. It was largely an informational session to get to know the pastors and the programs that the church puts on. Sub sandwiches were served and it was a nice time to get to know everyone. It was very long though. We left for church around 10:45am and got home at 6pm. We snuck a trip to the bank in there, and dinner at El Camino Real, but that is still a long day at church. Next week we will be inducted as new members, and I will be baptized. We'll meet with one of the pastors on Wednesday evening to discuss what type of services we can do to assist in furthering the mission of the church.

I'm pretty wiped out today. I think the week has just caught up with me. I may head to sleep a little bit early tonight. Of course, not before playing a few hands of euchre! I've got a lot of work to do on this new project assignment, and not a lot of time to get it done in. I did a little work on it over the weekend, but I think I'm at a stopping point until I get updated components from another person on the team.

Breakfast: Orange Juice
Lunch: Subs, chips, apple sauce
Dinner: Beef Enchilada, Two Tacos, and a Chalupa
Current Weight: 226
[Listening to: The Crystal Method - Vegas - Trip Like I Do]


Jade Mason