Ectopic Pregnancy

Jenn has been experiencing some constant lower abdominal pain for the past few weeks. It could be from her tendons and ligaments being stretched to accomodate the baby forming. Unfortunately, it might also be a symptom of an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is a very serious condition where the fertilized egg attaches not to the uteran wall, but instead to the tube structure prior to reaching the uterus. There are lots of reasons that it can happen. It occurs in about one in every 2000 pregnancies. If it is caught early, outpatient surgery can remove the implanted egg without much risk. However, if it is not caught, and the tube ruptures, and can cause some pretty serious problems, including death. I'm pretty worried for Jenn, but I don't let her see it. I try to keep a positive attitude around her. I know she is really worried about this. She went for a blood test today to make sure that she is far enough along to pick up anything on an ultra-sound. We're pretty sure she is (7 weeks now), and if so, we're going to the doctor tomorrow for the ultra-sound. This will determine where the egg has attached, and if any further treatment is necessary. Our friends Jenn and Karla have kept her company, which I really appreciate and I know Jenn does too. We have such an awesome group of friends, I hope that they know how much we love them and appreciate everything they do for us. I brought Jenn home some flowers tonight to try and cheer her up a bit. She was keeping a pretty stiff upper lip tonight, but I could tell she was still worried. I'll post more news tomorrow once we get the results.

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