Wireless (yet again)

My taudry relationship with AT&T Wireless took another turn today, although today it took a turn for the better. After the first three frustrating months of dealing with billing issues, we seem to have worked out an arrangement where my bill is acceptable. My biggest gripe at this point was reception. When I am at home, or any other place for that matter, I seem to pick up on the Cingular towers more often than the AT&T towers. When AT&T sent me a new phone, I hoped that my reception would improve, but it didn't. So today I called to find out when my contract expired to determine when I could move to a Cingular account. To my surprise, the operator said that my contract would run through September 6th!! This was a surprise, as my first payments to AT&T were in May of last year. I had assumed that my contract would have started then, but due to the fiasco of the One Year Contract, it didn't actually start until September of last year when I payed my activation fee. This got me frustrated at first, but the operator didn't leave there. She asked why I wanted to switch (she mentioned that there would be a $175 fee to switch regardless of how many months were left in the contract), and I told her about the troubles I was having with reception. "Good news!" Rosalinda (the operator) exclaims. As of April 18th, AT&T no longer charges for roaming for customers with a national plan. I have a national plan, so this means that anywhere that I pick up Cingular towers, I can make calls without fear of incurring the 70 cent per minute charges I was racking up before. This is extra great news, because AT&T is also the only wireless provider with a decent family plan. So it looks like AT&T is making the right moves to keep me as a customer after all. I have a new phone, and a agreeable roaming arrangement. Now I'll just have to see what it will take to add Jenn to my plan!


Jade Mason