New Maple Tree

Jenn has had a landscaping plan for our yard for a little over a year now. She worked with one of her coworkers at the Parks Department to draw up a landscaping layout, and decide on what to plant. Our neighbor, Rick, has had some major landscaping done to his home since we moved in. We spoke to him last year about possibly putting in a tree between our two homes. The space between our homes is small, and we wanted to make sure that he would be okay with it. He brought out his plans, and he had a tree in the same location, so it looked like it was going to work out great for both of us.

We sort of let the ball drop on the tree until this past weekend. Rick dropped by with an updated plan for his backyard. In it, he had a maple tree where we had talked. Jenn pulled out her plans, and there was a Maple tree in the same spot! This was great! Rick was going to put in the tree we were interested in getting. The only issue that came up is that we aren't really sure where the properly line is. My only trepidation on this is that we make sure the tree is fully on one side of the line or the other. I'd hate to have one of us move, and then end up in a property dispute when the buyer wants to remove the tree. I can't see that happening, but you never know. Rick has been a great neighbor to have too, and I wouldn't want to do anything to cause him trouble. So I called him today to let him know that I would be willing to cover the cost of a site survey just to be sure that the tree doesn't straddle the property line. Rick said that he had a customer that did surveying, and he might be able to get me a preferential price on the survey. This is great!!

So if everything goes well, hopefully we will have a new, beautiful maple tree in our yard very soon.


Jade Mason