Today I've been playing with VML, or Vector Markup Language. VML is a specification for drawing vector graphics on a web page. I think Internet Explorer is the only browser to support it right now, but the W3C is considering it as a standard. If you are having trouble imagining what vector graphics look like, think of the old Tempest video game. That used vector graphics. Essentially, vector graphics are drawn using basic lines, shapes, and colors.

My task right now is to get a graph to display in a web page to chart production at a plant. The network at the customer is pretty locked down, so we aren't allowed to download custom controls to render the graph. After consulting with my buddy, VML was the way to go. I've been having fun all day working on the graph. It is looking pretty good so far. Maybe, when I get some spare time, I'll put some VML doodles on this site.


Jade Mason