Movie Review: American Wedding

Tonight Jenn and I watched American Wedding, the third in the American Pie series of movies. The main character in the movies is Jim, who is perpetually unlucky in love. The first movie followed Jim and his pals through prom and high school graduation. The second film picked up on the groups first summer back from college. And this third film involves the wedding of Jim to his longtime girlfriend Michelle, the flute toting band-dork from the first movie ("this one time, at band camp!").

Let's hope this is the last film in this series. It was really difficult for Jenn and I to sit all the way through this one. When was it going to be over. One particular scene, the dancing scene in the gay bar, took entirely too long, and wasn't funny. Everything about the movie seemed forced. Obviously there wasn't enough left to make a full movie based on these characters again, so we got a rehash of the jokes from the first two films. I suppose to make up for lack of content, Stiffler upped his character from foul mouthed jerk to psychotic, twitchy, foul mouthed jerk. The shock value elements of the movie just were not funny anymore. Yes, we were all shocked when Jim had sex with the apple pie in the first film. But by this third film, we're expecting that sort of thing.

Several of the stars from the first and second films were noticeably absent. This was probably a wise choice on their part, as this film wasn't doing anything for anyone's career. MIA were Oz (Chris Klein) and Heather (Mena Suvari), Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth), Vickie (Tara Reid), Jessica (Natasha Lyone), and The Sherminator (Chris Owen). Jason Biggs and Alyson Flannigan did pretty well reprising their roles as the star couple, but this was still a total loser of a film. The first film was hilarious. Jenn and I nearly fell out of our seats laughing so hard. The same was true for the second one, but we could tell the well was starting to run dry. Going into the third, we had a pretty good idea of what to expect: Stiffler is going to drop the f-bomb continuously, Jim is going to have a Genitalia Malfunction, Stiffler is going to have a strange sexual encounter, Finch is going to have sex with Stiffler's mom, Stiffler is going to eat something disgusting, Michelle will be continuously horny and kinky, Jim's Dad will walk in on an awkward situation, Jim's Dad will have an awkward "pep talk" with Jim, etc. etc. YAWN! American Wedding was a horrible flick. Don't pay any amount of money to watch it, and if someone offers to let you watch it for free, run, because they are not your friend.


Jade Mason