Sony Ericsson Upgrade (cont.)

I called the rebate center for AT&T Wireless / Sony Ericsson about my phone upgrade today. It has been four weeks since I received the notice that I would be getting a new phone, and I was curious why I had not seen it yet. The mailing indicated that I would receive the phone in 2 to 4 weeks. The rep said that the phone was picked up by UPS on Tuesday, and I should receive it by Wednesday of next week. I also asked it I was required to return my old phone. She said that I would not be required to do that, and that I could keep the postage paid envelope in case I have any trouble with either phone. That doesn't give me a real good feeling about the quality of the new phone, but at least it is free, and I can keep the old one. I also noticed on the AT&T website that they offer a free phone when you re-up your subscription for another year or two. I'm going to use the new phone for a month to see if I have better reception on the cell towers. If I stop getting on the Cingular network all the time, I might re-up for another year. If not, I'm definitely going to switch to Cingular.

I'd really like to find a way to get Jenn and I on the same plan, but I don't think we can do it without spending more money. Jenn is currently on a $20 / month plan with Verizon that gives her 100 minutes each month. I'm on the $30 / month plan with AT&T Wireless that gives me 300 minutes per month. I haven't been able to find any family plan for less than $60 though. In order for it to be worth our time, the plan would have to run $50 or less, and give us at least 300 minutes, if not more. The big service providers: Verizon, AT&T Wireless, and Cingular, offer a family plan that starts at $40 and costs $20 for each additional line. So with two phones you are already at $60 / month. Add to that the fact that AT&T is the only provider to still offer a $20 / month plan at all (Verizon's plan is now $25). The best price possible is to stick with AT&T, who is offering to add a line for $10. That would be great, if I had not already had so many problems with AT&T service. We'll see how this new phone goes. If they can change my mind, maybe they will get some extra business.


Jade Mason