Today is the third anniversary of our wedding. It seems like three years could not have gone by yet, and at the same time it seems like it must have been more than three years ago. We have done so much together! We've gone to Alaska, we've bought a house, we've bought a car, we've had a baby, we've had a Vegas vacation, we've had a South Carolina vacation.... we've done so much!! Jenn and I have been seeing each other since September of 1998, so we've really been together for a lot longer than just three years.

I'm so glad that I have Jenn in my life. I need her and love her for so many reasons. She is so supportive of me and everything that I am involved in. There is no way I could do all of this (MBA, Microsoft Certifications, User Groups, Volleyball, etc.) without her full support. And now we have Corbin! I am so amazed at what Jenn is capable of. She has the patience to stay home with a baby that requires her constant attention all day, and yet when I get home she is still happy to see me, and she doesn't just unload Corbin on me. That's not to say that I don't try to help out, but Jenn definitely takes care of the lion's share of our baby's needs. She is so wonderful to me! I hope that I make Jenn feel as loved as she makes me feel.

It has been an incredible three years. This is just the start though. I'm looking forward to many, many more years with wonderful wife!


Jade Mason