I ordered some wireless equipment for my laptop last week. Dell was running a special that included the 802.11g wireless access point and PC Card for a laptop for $146. It was a pretty good deal. I'm hoping that I can connect to the cable modem from anywhere in the house once I get the AP. I received the PC card last week, and I should receive the AP on Monday or Tuesday. I had a lot of fun with the PC card at work on Friday. I was picking up not only on our work AP, but on several APs in the area that other companies are using. A buddy at work has an AP at home, and he mentioned that several other people in our neighborhood do as well. I'll have to take a slow cruise around the neighborhood with the laptop in the car running net stumbler. Indiana Wesleyan has the second floor of the Indianapolis building setup with wireless connectivity. I'll be able to test it for the first time in class on Monday.

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Lunch: Tuna Noodle Casserole
Dinner: Chicken, Potato, and green beans
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Jade Mason