Independence Day

Today was yet another LONG day. I was awake at 6am to prepare for golf with my dad, brother, and my brother's father-in-law: Bill. I arrived at Wild Cat Creek Golf Course around 8am. I got a new golf glove because the two that I had were destroyed from overuse. I hit half a bucket of balls to warm up, and then we started the round around 8:30. It was hot. Very, very hot! After the front 9, I didn't have anything left to sweat. Unfortunately, we had the bright idea of downing a beer at this point. Any moisture that was left in my body was gone after that. Fortunately, not long after we started the back 9 a concession cart came by with some Powerade. I finished the round with a 109. That's not a bad score for me. Wildcat is a fairly tough course, and I usually score somewhere between 100 and 115 on any given day. We went back to my folks place and had some light lunch. I got a chance to visit with my niece, Nadia. It is amazing how much bigger she is after just a month out in the real world. She doesn't do much, mainly sleeping, pooping, and crying. Not necessarily in that order. We left there around 5.
On my way to the course that morning I had run slightly off the road onto the shoulder. When I came back onto the road, there was a really big craggy edge to the road. I heard the right front tire hit really hard. I pulled over, but there didn't seem to be anything wrong. When I was heading out to the car to leave, I noticed the tire looked really low. I've had trouble with my left rear tire for quite some time. It has a really slow leak that takes a couple of weeks to deplete the pressure. The right front tire was looking about as bad as that back tire. I took it to a gas station and checked the tires. The right front had 15 psi, and the left rear had 5psi left. They are supposed to have 30. So I filled them back up. When we got home, Jenn wanted Taco Bell for dinner so I ran to the bank to cash a check and get some taco bell. I checked the right front again at the bank. 25 psi. Dang. Looks like I dented the rim. This really sucks because I already ordered new tires to take care of the leak in the left rear. Now it looks like I'll be on the market for a new rim too. The car is at just over 60,000 miles, so it is time to change the oil and get the regular maintenance done on the car. Probably needs new filters, new plugs, new fluids, etc., etc. Hopefully I can get all of this taken care of and get another 5 years of life out of the car. It's been pretty good up til now, but after driving around in Jenn's nice new luxury SUV, it is definitely showing it's age. The fan for the HVAC doesn't work on the first two settings. The leather is pealing up near the passenger window. It needs washed inside and out. I'll take care of the tire this weekend, but probably put off the rest for next weekend. Or whenever my tires arrive.
Anyway, after getting back from Taco Bell, Jenn let me know that our friends were coming to pick us up to see the Noblesville Fireworks. It was a pretty good show this year. When we got back we saw that our neighbors were firing some fireworks in the court. We also saw that our neighbors behind the house were lighting off fireworks in our backyard!! I wouldn't have minded so much if they had asked, but there were 20 drunk adults playing with explosives on our property. That's a recipe for litigious disaster. I went outside in the hopes of talking to someone, but they were just finishing up. It saved me a confrontation that I didn't want. I came back inside and started taping up the Boilercade for the first coat of black paint. That seemed to take a long time to get done, in comparison to the gold sides. I'll need to go back and do touch up work with the smaller roller, and also do a second coat.
So here I sit, seventeen and a half hours after the day started. I'm tired. I'm sore. My contacts are fogging up. I smell bad. I'm spattered in black paint. It's been a very good day. :-)
First Coat of Black on the Boilercade

Breakfast: Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Croissanwhich
Lunch: Cheese cubes, Beef BBQ sandwich, brownies
Dinner: 3 Beef Baja Chalupas
Current Weight: 225
[Listening to: Fatboy Slim - You've Come a Long Way, Baby - Gangster Tripping]


Jade Mason