Insight Cable

The folks at Insight Cable have pissed me off. A couple of weeks ago, we received an offer in the mail to get two On-Demand movies for free. So we looked through the list of available movies and decided to order "Stealing Harvard". About one minute after we ordered the movie, a storm that was rolling through knocked out our power. When the power came back on, the On-Demand service said that it was unavailable. We watched tv for another hour and checked back. The service was back up, so we started playing the movie again. Then things went bad. The movie wouldn't play. We switched back to another station, then back to On-Demand. Now the On-Demand menu won't even come up. We thought it might have been a problem with the storm, so we decided we would wait until the next day.
So on Sunday, we turn to On-Demand (channel 99) and it still won't tune in. I called the cable company to let them know what the problem was. They said that my account wasn't configured properly. The operator on the line tried a few things, but it still wouldn't tune in. I suggested that I could try unplugging the unit to see if that would work (hard reboot). She said that it might, but if it did, it wouldn't be a permanent fix. She said that she would remove the movie from our account and send someone out to look at the unit. When I was off the phone, I tried unplugging, and wouldn't you know it all worked again. We re-ordered the movie and watched it without any problem.
We completely forgot about the day that the service person was supposed to come. We found a note on our door indicating that he had been there. Later that same day, the analog set in our bedroom stopped tuning. It would only go to TV Guide. We have three set top boxes in our house, the digital, the HDTV, and the analog in the bedroom. The other two were working fine. I stopped in the local cable office to see if they could give me another unit.
I have never felt like such a criminal than what the customer service rep made me feel like at Insight's local office. First, she accused me of not paying my bill. Next, she accused me of using an illegal cable box. I assured her that I had had the box for three years, Insight gave it to me, and it appeared on my bill every month. When she decided to actually look at my account, she found that someone had removed the box from our account on the same day that the service rep came to pay a visit. She added the unit back to the account, and let me know that it would work.
When I got home, I found our Insight bill. Sure enough, we were charged twice for Stealing Harvard. I called the service line. This time I got someone that sounded like they had just taken a long toke off a phat one. He took one of the charges off of our account (I assume, we'll see when we get the next bill). All of this has convinced me that Insight Cable has the worst customer service on the planet. If I could switch to Comcast or Time Warner right now, I'd do it, just to prove a point. We spend over $100 a month on our cable bill. I certainly deserve better service than this. I don't want to use a dish, as they are apt to lose signal in a storm. So my only recourse was to send a strongly worded letter to the Insight. Hopefully they take it to heart, although I'm fully expecting my equipment to start malfunctioning at any time.

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