This week has been a flood. The week started off with torrential rains. My parents basement had a foot of standing water in it at one point. There is something wrong with the drainage around the house. When you look in the sump well, it looks like two bath faucets are turned on full blast. Water is pouring in. Our basement only trickles, and over the weekend it ran pretty steadily for a while. It was never anywhere near as bad as what my parents experienced though. The rain just kept coming into the week too.
In addition to that, my life was flooded with things to do. Monday, after work, I was at class for four hours. It was our last class for the course, and our objective was to talk with everyone in the class so that we could determine who would be in our project groups. I had already gotten together with a group prior to the class, so I knew who was going to be in my group. It was sort of a waste of breath. And talking to 30 people individually for between two and five minutes and can be exhausting. I was repeating myself over and over, trying to make it sound interesting every time. And trying to sound interested in the other people. I just wanted to go home. So I finally get home, where I go to bed. I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately. I tossed and turned, getting about four hours of sleep. At six in the morning I spilled out of bed to get ready to travel to Warsaw. I spent all day Tuesday in Warsaw working on my project tasks. I stopped by my parents' place on the way back for dinner, and got home a little after 9pm. Wednesday I was back in Warsaw, which is a little over 2 hour drive away. Four hours of driving in a day is no fun. It's hard to keep yourself alert. When I got home, I started working on my homework that would be due Monday.
Today is my first opportunity to breathe. I had just left for Warsaw again when my voice-mail chimed up. My contact there was not going to be in, and he told me to stay put for today. What a relief. I turned the car around and went to work. I didn't even mind that I was putting in an extra hour today. I have three major projects that are all due at the end of July. Getting a day from from the Warsaw project gave me a chance to catch up on the other ones. We had a "Lunch and Learn" session. Free pizza. I don't really recall what the marketing guys were talking about. Just ate the pizza and left.
I feel bad for Jenn. She is at one of her Kid Koncerts right now. I feel bad because when I get home at night, I've still had more to do. I've had homework, or voice-mail, or something else that keeps me from spending time with her. She usually goes to bed around 10pm, and with me just getting home at 9, it doesn't leave much time for TLC. I've been really exhausted too, and haven't been as fun to be around as I'd like to be. So our one hour together each night is not spent very well. Hopefully tonight we can get together, eat some pizza, chill out on the couch, and watch some "Amazing Race".

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