Project Group

I'm taking classes at Indiana Wesleyan towards earning my MBA. As part of our courses, we are required to form project groups for doing presentations, papers, and other class work. Over the first three weeks of class, we had a chance to meet everyone and get an idea of who we would want in our group. On the third week, we formed groups. I was in a group of 5 people that I got along with pretty well. I thought we were going to have a good thing going. That night, we learned that the course in Kokomo had been cancelled, and that one of the students that was enrolled in K-town was going to join our class. She needed to join a group, so she was placed in our group. We were one of only two groups with only five people, so we got a sixth. We all thought it was a little strange, not meeting this person, but we set our hopes high.

Our hopes were crushed. The new person in our group is not a people person. During her first night of class with us, she made it clear that she believes that all people are evil. There was no chance that we misunderstood either. During our class discussion, she volunteered that she felt that all people were evil, and that she simply expected people to be bad. That was more than a little offensive, and not a good sign for her ability to deal with a group of people. Later during class, the instructor let us know that we had a choice of doing our final paper as a group or as individuals. All of the class responded with a resounding GROUP! All, that is, except for our new group member. She doesn't like dealing with groups. She sees group discussion as a waste of time, and feels that there is no value in it. Strike two.

So last night I was checking my e-mail and I see one from one of the original group members. Evidently he had taken the initiative and made an effort to try to get to know the new person better. Wow, did he get hit over the head. First, she says in a reply that she doesn't have time to make two trips to Indianapolis during the week. She only has time for the one trip to attend class. She is requiring that we all adjust our schedules to fit her needs. Secondly, she thinks (hopes?) that she has offended the group, and would understand if we asked the instructor to ban her. What a jerk!

So last night I wrestled with what I should do in response to this situation. Almost everything that came to mind would only server to antagonize the situation. I spoke with one of my coworkers on the ride to our site this morning, and he suggested that we ask her if she just would prefer to not to work in the group. If so, we can all approach the instructor together and let him know our wishes. Our project groups are supposed to work together for the entire two years of the courses. I don't know if I could deal with such a negative attitude for that long. All I have heard from her to this point is whining and complaining. I can't take that for two years. Hopefully things will get straightened out. I'm praying that she is just having a bad couple of weeks, and that her personality is not as totally wrecked as what she seems.

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(I haven't been doing any exercising over the last two weeks. I've been traveling nearly every day for either school or work. I only get to spend an hour or two with Jenn. Yesterday, the scale said that my weight was 222. Today it's 226. I'm sure that by not exercising, my weight is going to fluctuate a lot more than when I was on a more regular schedule with exercise. Hopefully I can get back on that schedule soon.)


Jade Mason