Long Week

NOTE:I meant to post this on Thursday, but forgot to send the update.
This has been a really long week. And it is only Thursday!!! On Monday, I left home around 7 to go to Warsaw for work. We are doing our startup on a project this week. Warsaw is about a two hour drive from Indy. Then I left at 3pm to get to my 6pm class that night. Arrived home from class at 10:30pm. Crashed. Travelled to Warsaw again the next day. Arrived home at 10:00pm. Traveled to Warsaw again on Wednesday. Got back to Noblesville at 5pm, but then stayed at work until 9pm. And today, you guessed it, I'm back at my lab bench in Warsaw, waiting for our software to be validated. La la la. I really don't have much to do today. All of our code is supposed to be frozen, so I can't change anything. I don't have access to our database at work, so I can't do any development against other projects. I've spent the morning catching up on my news at Slashdot. Occassionally someone comes by to see how we are doing. I'm not really sure what to tell them. My accomplishments for the day are: consumed a donut, browsed the web, got comfortable in my chair. That's about it. And I'm supposed to spend the night up here so that I can continue doing more of the same tomorrow. Wonderful.
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Jade Mason