Painting Day

I don't think I've ever done more painting in a single day. After mowing the lawn in the morning, Jenn and I painted the nursery. We chose a light yellow color. We don't want to know the sex of our baby ahead of time, and we figured yellow would be a nice color no matter what we get. Then I went downstairs and touched up all of the black paint on the arcade cabinet while Jenn mopped the floor upstairs. When that was finished, it was time for a short supper break, followed by a second coat of yellow in the nursery. Following that, it was time for the first coat of silver on the trim of the arcade cabinet. Shower. Rest. Second coat of silver. TV time. Rest. I'm glad we got it all done. We had been putting off the nursery for a while, but with both of us working on it, it went by quickly. I'd been putting off finishing the arcade forever. I know Jenn was getting a little frustrated with me about it. I'm glad to have that finished as well. Tomorrow I can clear out all of the painting supplies and put the arcade back together. Time to play some Frogger!
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Jade Mason