Sometimes, people need to be more aware of how they are being perceived by others. A few nights ago, we went to Outback Steakhouse in Castleton to have dinner. When we sat down at our table, there was a large family sitting fairly close to us. The mother of one of the children there was loudly blowing on the child's neck to get the kid to laugh. This was cute the first time. Less cute the second time. Outright aggravating as she continued doing this at high volume for the next fifteen minutes. It was really obnoxious. I was starting to lose my appetite. Fortunately, they left before our dinner was served. We probably should have said something to our waiter after a while, but we were kind of surprised that none of the staff had asked them to keep it down. Several people at the table saw that we were staring at them. But the mom just kept on blowing on this kid's neck like nothing was wrong. Does having a kid ruin your sense of normalcy? Do things like that seem okay once you've had a child? I'd like to know, since Jenn and I will be entering that world next year. Hopefully we'll be able to monitor our behavior a little better than that and know when we are making an absolute fool of ourselves. If not, please, someone, let us know.


Jade Mason