Monday I started my prerequisite course for accounting. We have a new instructor. It was sooooo boring. The instructor is absolutely rigid about the schedule for the class. He we had our breaks at precisely the times they were scheduled for. He was a little peeved when we missed one part of the schedule by a couple of minutes. Not to add any excitement to the class, he made sure to read the assigned reading to us. And when it came time to review the homework, we didn't review. He just read the answers. Not how to do the answers, just the answer. So it was "Number one: A, Number Two: C" and so on. And not only is this guy teaching our current 3 week prerequisit course, he is also teaching the next course, which is an 8 week course on advanced managerial accounting. I don't know if I can take 11 weeks of this character.


Jade Mason