Flashback 1997 - Nero (the ULTIMATE dog)


Jennifer said...

I am telling Koby you said that! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow does this bring back memories I though you posting a picture of us was full of memories this just even brings back more. Remember the Nero tossed salad :D Man was Cary mad!!! :P

Adam said...

Yeah, I remember that episode! I can't remember if it was a birthday, or just when a bunch of people were hanging out at the house. You and I, and Cary Robertson, and a couple of other folks were over at the house and we were having some dinner salad or something. You were playing with Nero and gave him a little toss across the room into Cary and salad went flying everywhere. He was pissed, but it was just too funny!

Poor Nero passed away a couple of years ago. When my parents moved to Germany, he went to live with our Uncle Rick. Nero's sight was the first to go. We think he got into some chemicals from one of the neighboring farms, but whatever it was, he lost the majority of his vision. He lived a full life and was an awesome dog. I'm sure he is up in doggy heaven, chasing some catching a basketball out of the air, chasing a horse, and having a blast!

Jade Mason