Old Photos

With my 10 year class reunion coming up, I've been sort of awash with nostalgia. The last time we were up in Kokomo, I grabbed a bunch of my parents old home movies. It was hilarious to watch videos of the family at Christmas and Thanksgiving back in 1989. Everyone looked so different! Tonight, I was going through some old files and stuff that I had backed up, when I found the pictures from the website I had while I was at Purdue. I found this picture of Denise and I back at our old house. I have no idea how old this photo is, but it was a real throwback. It's been a really long time since I've seen or talked with Denise, and I feel pretty bad about that. We were best buddies all through high school, but life kind of got to us and we haven't kept in touch like we should.

I've found a bunch of other great pictures as well. As I get time, I'll post them here.


Jade Mason