St. Louis

Last week I ws in St. Louis for the Gathering of the Games conference on Open Book Managment, The Great Game of Business, and Employee Stock Ownership Plans. We had a good time at the conference, and were very well taken care of. Some of the seminars provided some really useful and interesting information, while others were sort of duds. I won't bore you with all of the details of the trip, but we did get a chance to walk down to the Arch. Our hotel was right downtown, only a few blocks from the Arch. Thursday evening after the conference we walked over. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived they were sold out of tickets, but we did get to poke around for a bit.

Later that evening, we found an Irish bar to have dinner and relax. We figured it would be packed, seeing as how it was St. Patrick's Day and all. It was dead! There were people in the bar, but we expected a crowd. Maybe we were out too early (we were back at the hotel by 10pm), or maybe it just wasn't the most happenin' Irish pub in town. Either way, we played on the shuffleboard table, and got in a couple of games of pool. It was a fun trip, and a nice break from the usual work-week.

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