Work life has gotten pretty hectic for me lately. I've made it known that I'd like to have more responsibility at work. I'd like to move into more of a leadership role. I got what I asked for, and then some. I currently have eight different customers that I am working for. That means I get to spend about one hour a day focusing on each customer. The schedules for each of these projects are extremely tight too. Due to the number of projects and their schedule, I've been working some pretty long hours (53 hours last week, 15 on Friday alone). It is like a dance trying to give all of these folks (the customers) the impression that I am 100% dedicated to them, when in reality I hardly have time to do anything for them.

One good thing, though, is that all of these projects are interesting. One project is to upgrade a visual basic application that connects to an OS390 mainframe computer. Another is to upgrade an application from an InTouch 7.0 HMI to a .NET Client written in C#. Another project is to install better vision system cameras for reading a 2-D barcode on a part. Project numbers four and five are technical support for manufacturing lines that we have already put into production. Project six is to perform subtle upgrades on one of the first, and most successful projects I have done at Flexware. Project seven involves XML Web Services communicating to handheld Windows devices embedded in a barcode scanner. And finally I have some fun sales stuff to do for potential customers. I really wish that I could take the time to pick one, or maybe two of these and just focus on it, but I know that I am doing a more for our company by spreading myself around. The more jobs I can work on, the more money that we make. Plus, this is giving me the experience I need to be a leader within the company.

So, yeah, I'm a little stressed right now. This kind of stress is sort of good in that it shows how much business we are doing. My only fear is that it will take away from my being able to spend time with my family. I'll have to keep a close eye on my hours, and I know that Jenn will give me a gentle reminder if I ever start spending too much time with work, and not enough time with her and Corbin. My family comes first in my life, work can wait.


Jade Mason