Howard Stern on Sirius Radio

I like my Sirius radio. I listen to it throughout the day while I am at work, and have it on the road in my car. Today, the announcement came out that in January of 2006, Howard Stern will switch to broadcasting on Sirius. Well, that's great for folks that listen to him, and I'm sure it will do wonders for Sirius stock price and subscription rates, but I don't listen to Howard. I got to hear all about the big news all morning, though, as the music was interrupted every half hour to announce that Stern is coming to Sirius. This was really irritating. Every station was running the announcement, and it ran every half hour. I couldn't get away from it. What's more, all of the stations staggered the announcement, so I would hear it on one station, flip to another, and hear it again! Just as a reminder, his show won't start for more than a year. Why do I need this constant reminder right now?


Jade Mason