Political Ads

I've been sort of sitting the fence on the race for Governor this year. Mitch Daniels came into our office, and I wasn't really impressed with him. Kernan seemed like a pretty good guy, and I generally agree with the Democratic party platform, but I really didn't have strong feelings towards either candidate. If anything, I was leaning towards Kernan. Then, the latest round of negative ads came out from the Kernan camp bashing Daniels on the IPALCO stock matter. Negative ads don't motivate me to vote for either candidate. In fact, they usually make me dislike the candidate that sponsored the ad. So this knocked Kernan down a peg in my mind. Then, Daniels came out with the ads explaining the IPALCO situation, and then saying that he would not run any negative ads in the campaign. He ends the ad by saying something to the effect of, "Let's show em' we can win without the negative ads." That really struck a chord with me. I really dislike negative ad campaigning. I don't think it does anything to help the election, and I really wish all politicians would stop using them. Tell me why I should vote for you, not why I should not vote for your opponent. So after this round of negative ads, I'm leaning a little further towards Daniels, if for no other reason than to send a message that I'm tired of negative ad campaigns.


Jade Mason