On our trip to the zoo, we also went to the White River Gardens. They were holding an exhibit of banzai and ikebana. It was really interesting. It was also a nice, quiet change of pace from the zoo. Corbin was asleep, and hardly anyone was in the gardens. The zoo was a mad house of kids running around in their costumes. The zoo was dressed up for Haunted Zoo Weekend, and the kids were there for the first day of trick or treating. It was neat to see so many excited kids running around in their costumes, but by the end of the day, we were ready for a break. The gardens were just what we needed.

The banzai and ikebana display was really neat. I had always thought that banzai was a shrub trimming hobby. I never realized that these were full size trees growing in pots! One that caught my eye had very tiny flowers. I tried to take a picture of it, but the detail of the flowers didn't come through in the picture. Once outside, the tranquility of the gardens was very relaxing. Corbin woke up when we were about half way through our stroll. It was a nice way to wind down before the drive home. Hopefully we can make a return trip to the gardens in the spring, and catch all of the plants as they bloom.


Jade Mason