Political Opinion

How can you not be involved in some political discussion lately? With the election just weeks away, the political arguments are at a fevered pitch everywhere you turn. Invariably the subject of lunchtime chatter at work turns to the candidates at the various levels of government. Jenn and I even have a little back and forth while we are at home. Jenn and I disagree about who we are going to vote for, but I'm really proud of Jenn for the amount of thought she has put into her vote. I get frustrated with folks that blindly vote for a particular party. I have a lot more respect for someone that has taken the time to familiarize themselves with the platforms and topics, and who has a definitive reason for voting for a particular candidate.

Lately, I have heard a lot of rumbling at various places to the effect of, "If you are a good Christian, you must vote for George Bush." I disagree (I used different words the first time I typed this up, but I'm trying not to be inflamatory). I believe promoting my personal, religious beliefs is a burden that I must personally bear, not one that my government should enforce on the population. The beauty of our system of government in America is that we have the right to disagree with one another. It is the variety of cultures, beliefs, values, and morals that makes our country so great. If we promote a government that attempts to restrict those freedoms, then we are tearing apart what makes our country the envy of the world. To say that any one religious group has a duty to vote for a particular candidate seems ludicrous to me. The only case where I can see that being a viable argument were if a candidate was making an attempt to outlaw a form of religion.

George Bush is running on a platform that harmonizes with many of the beliefs of the Christian Right. If you feel that those beliefs should be enacted and enforced as law, then by all means vote for Bush. But don't feel that you are any greater or lesser of a Christian based on who you vote for. God loves all of his children equally, regardless of political affiliation.


Jade Mason