Radio Contest Hoax Update

I spoke with Detective Harmon of the Indiana State Police today about the phone call we received a week ago Sunday (07/25/2004). He took some notes from me about the phone call. He said that they probably would not concentrate too much on the folks who only received a call, but he would definitely use the information to bolster their case against him. Evidently there many folks who actually went to his place, a lot more than the four mentioned in the original article. That's pretty sad that this guy would humiliate folks like that for his own entertainment. The detective indicated that he was going to concentrate on those folks that went to his place, and make sure that the guy was put away for a long time. Det. Harmon thanked me for the extra info. I'll keep my eyes on the news for when the court case starts, and post another update then.


Adam said...

I got another call back from the IPD. It seems that they have had quite a few calls with regard to the hoax, and it is taking a while to return all of them. I assume this one was in response to the message I left with Sgt. Bursten. The IPD rep said she would keep me up to date as the case progressed. I wonder if I will be called to testify? Probably not, since I didn't actually go to the guy's house. You never know though.

Karla said...

Wow! How creepy Adam! I think it was a blessing in disguise that you had to be a greeter at Church. Although, I doubt you would have gone to that guy's house anyway... This incident is going to make me even that much more careful about talking to anyone over the phone about personal info. I know that we get calls sometmes from people doing surveys. I think from now on I will tell them that I don't want to participate. :)

Jade Mason