More Radio Hoax Coverage

The radio hoax guy is slowly gaining more national attention. One of my favorite websites, Fark, had the story here.

  1. Washington Times Article
  2. MSNBC Article
  3. The Indy Channel

All of the local television and radio networks have covered the story. This guy is really messed up. One of the posts on the Fark site included this information.

From -- atomic_99

This man is INSANE. I was reading a Something Awful thread about a guy who was actually sent a long e-mail from this guy detailing what they'd have to do to win a radio contest. That he'd have to duct-tape himself to the creepy pizza-face guy and a third stranger, they'd have to lay together in bed in a motel for a whole day, they'd have to shave each other's bodies completely, they'd have to give each other extreme wedgies. This man is a whole new definition of CREEP. Find the thread on the SA forums if you can.

Oh, and the kicker: This creepy bastard says that "He's the victim."

This guy needs some serious medication. I tried to find the source article over at SomethingAwful, but I had no luck.(as the title implies, the website SomethingAwful is not for the faint of heart. Enter with caution.) As I hear more on this, I'll continue to post updates.

UPDATE: I found an article on Fox 59's website that sounds a lot like what atomic_99 mentioned in his Fark post. Eeesh, the creepiness deepens


Jade Mason