Man I'm tired. I had to get up this morning at 4am to make it to a customer site. We were rolling out some changes to the way that their manufacturing line ran. We had some pretty bad problems that resulted in several lines being down for a couple of hours. Having a bunch of angry supervisors steaming down your neck is not a comfortable position to be in.. especially when you are short on both sleep and caffeine. We did get the problem figured out, but that was some extra stress I didn't need. One of my coworkers was there, so we both sweated it out.

It's now close to 8pm. My day won't be done for another two hours. I'm in class right now, and in about five minutes we are going to start taking our fourth exam of our statistics course. This will be our terminology exam. I think I'll do fairly well, and I've done pretty well on the exams so far. I've scored a 55/55, 55/55, and 51.5/55 on the exams so far. We have another exam in two weeks, and that will be the last one of the class.

Right now, I'm looking forward to a soft, cool pillow. Nothing like the feeling of crawling into a cool, comfortable bed when you are totally exhausted. This might be one of the few nights where I don't struggle to get to sleep before midnight.


Jade Mason