Recently, I've started wearing a tie to work. Three weeks ago I had a presentation to do for my class, so I wore a tie that day. I decided to go ahead and wear a tie for the rest of the week. I only had four ties, so on dress-down-friday, I didn't wear one. Over the weekend, Jenn picked me up some new dress shirts and ties. They all look very nice, and I like them a lot. So yesterday I wore a tie and dress shirt again. I've honestly been surprised by the reaction I've received. From the rest of the engineers, it is largely incredulity, anger, head shaking, and mild disgust. I really don't understand that. From the administration, I've received mixed reviews. One of the staff is hoping to make tie wearing a trend, so he is all for it. The rest sort of give me funny looks. The company CEO mentioned that it looked good the other day, but also added that it looked strange that I wasn't wearing a belt (I don't have a belt that will fit the ringlets of those slacks).

Today, I'm back in a tie. We'll see what the reaction is today.


Jade Mason