Equipment Malfunction

I had a couple of unexpected cases of equipment malfunction over the weekend. The first was with the coffee maker. Ordinarily, this would have been a crisis, but fortunately we had a spare coffee maker in the basement. We received two very nice coffee makers for our wedding. I had been using the coffee / cappuccino maker since we married, but I hardly ever used the espresso maker side of the machine. The machine made great coffee, but the pot was very difficult to pour from, often resulting in coffee spilled all over the counter. So when I saw that the filter wasn't passing any water through, it didn't really break my heart to start using another coffee maker.

The new one is a caraffe coffee maker. It is much smaller than the old one, but it brews a bigger pot that is much nicer to pour from. Additionally, the caraffe acts as a thermos, so if I make a pot at the beginning of the day, the coffee will stay good and warm all day long. No more spills, no more one cup pots, and lots of room left on the counter. Bonus!

The second issue was a damaged power cable for my school laptop. This was really frustrating for me. First, it was frustrating because I know that it was my own fault that the cable was damaged. I didn't take good enough care of it and left it dangling on the couch. One swipe of the recliner managed to nearly cut through the cord. Lucky for us, it didn't throw any sparks or start a fire. A new cable will run between $20 - $50, but I figured I could probably repair the cord. It was damaged on the DC side of the converter, and my only worry was that it would be like a Dell power brick that has a data line. Fortunately, it wasn't. After about an hour of frustrating work with a wire stripper, crimper, and electrical tape, I had a working fix. It is not ideal, but it will work well enough to charge the battery on the laptop, which is all I really need I suppose.


Jade Mason