New Modem

The new modem arrived today! I received my Motorola SurfBoard SB4200 cable modem. This is to replace my old LinkSys modem. It's nice to be able to surf the web and not worry if the number of links on the page will cause the modem to crash. What a piece of junk. The switchover process was fairly painless. I spent 20 minutes waiting for an Insight tech support person to answer the phone, but then they had it switched over in less than 5 minutes. Other than a long wait time, not a bad situation. I could have done it all myself if I knew what the mystery account / registration number was. Evidently I didn't remember to write that one down.

In any case, the new modem is working well. I've written a couple of simple apps to fire up a bunch of request threads, and it hasn't blinked. The LinkSys would die immediately when I ran that same code. This is good news! I'm a happy geek.


Jade Mason