I have the worst sinuses in the world. I can predict a storm coming better than the weatherman. Anytime the weather gets just a little bad, and there is a change in the barometer, my nose starts flowing like a faucet. Usually I can take something that will help ebb the flow, but it usually means four doses throughout the day, and my head hurts from all of the sinus pressure. I'll blow my nose so often that my nose gets chapped. I'm generally miserable all day, and Jenn can attest to what a joy I am to be around. I should have known a storm was coming today when my nose decided to let loose. The antihistamine is starting to kick in now. Yeah! Unfortunately, I didn't have any of the non-drowsy formula. I'm predicting that I will begin typing very slowly any t i...m...e......n........o.........w.....
[Listening to: Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar - Wormboy]


Jade Mason