This weekend Jenn and I attended her 10 year class reunion. She was a member of the class of 93 at Lafayette Jefferson High School. I've always thought it was a little funny that their mascot was the Broncho. Having a horse as your mascot isn't necessarily funny, I had just never seen it spelled that way. Anyway, it was a fairly low turn out for the event. We met Friday night at The Neon Cactus for drinks. Jenn wasn't drinking much, but I was enjoying the college lifestyle again. My jaw totally dropped when I heard that my usual Vodka Tonic was only $0.75!!! I ran back to Jenn so that she could share the joy with me. She didn't seem as excited about it for some reason. Five bucks was all I would need that night to get nice and toasty. One highlight of the night was a sighting of Melissa Etheridge. Evidently, one of Jenn's classmates is making it in Hollywood as a TV and movie actress. She is dating Melissa Etheridge, and they made the trip back for the reunion. I never saw her, but several people mentioned seeing her, and that she appeared totally non-plussed at being in Lafayette, IN. Famous people, feh. We spent the night in Jenn's parent's house that night. Their house is being remodeled, and the living room has almost doubled in size. The remodeling has opened a hole in the ceiling to the attic, so even with the air conditioning on full blast, it was a little uncomfortable in there.

The next day, Jenn's dad took Jeff (Jenn's brother) and I out for golf at the Purdue South course. I had one of my best rounds ever, as far as consistency. I shot a 105, but I felt like I was having a great day on the course. I was getting my tee shots off pretty well, and my second shots were pretty good too. My downfall was on the par 3's. Not sure what happened on those, I just couldn't find the green.

That night we went to another reunion function, this time at The Trails. The dinner was pretty good, and we saw a lot of the same people as we saw at the bar the night before. The turnout was a little low. Jenn graduated with over 400 people, but only 70 came to the reunion, along with 30 or so spouses. I actually recognized one person. One of Jenn's classmates was a cheerleader at Purdue, and married one of the guys on the cheer squad. I attended a lot of Purdue sports, and recognized her from cheering at the games. Jenn spoke with a few people there, including her arch nemesis from high school: Whitney. Whitney seemed really nice, but I had been told by several people that she puts on a false face to everyone. Jenn was at odds with Whitney due to an altercation in swimming. Jenn was a fantastic swimmer, in high school and in college. In high school, she absolutely dominated her events. Whitney was a total suck-up to the coach though, and tended to get a lot of favors. At the end of the year, Jenn was passed up for the team MVP award, even though she accounted for more points in all the meets than any other swimmer on the squad. Instead, the award went to Whitney, who had not contributed nearly as much to the team as Jenn. I guess Jenn was in tears that night at the award ceremony. She had worked so hard for four years, only to be snubbed. She hasn't forgotten it, and still has a hard time when thinking about her old coach and teammate.

So no big surprises at the reunion. Some people were married, some had kids, but they were all the same people that Jenn knew growing up. She was secretly hoping that one of the popular girls might show up with an extra 200 pounds, but it didn't happen. Oh well, there is always the 20 year reunion!


Jade Mason