New Laptop

Ooooh, the anticipation is killing me!!!! My company ordered a new laptop for me a couple of weeks ago. It shipped on the 14th, with an expected arrival date of today. I checked the FedEx site today, and the shipment tracker indicated that it was loaded on the truck at 7:32am. It's now 2:33pm and the anticipation is killing me!! I'm so excited to get this new laptop. I've been using a Dell Inspiron 7500 since I started work here in 2000. It has worked well, but it is reaching the end of its life. The LCD screen is starting to break off from the base, the screen has some faded spots, the new hard drive I put in it a few months ago melted down last week. The old 10GB drive is completely full now. I'm getting a new Inspiron 8500 with the ultra-wide screen. The processing power of the laptop is going to quadruple over the one I'm using now. This is going to help a lot with the .NET development I've been doing lately, as it requires a pretty peppy machine to do any type of debugging. C'mon FedEx man, I'm waiting!


Jade Mason