Deer Creek

Last night, around 10:00, Jenn was getting ready for bed. We shut off the TV and she went upstairs. I started hearing a really low thumping. It wasn't really in any kind of rythm, so I thought maybe something was wrong with our air conditioner. But then it developed a regular rythm, and sounded like it was coming from outside. I figured it was our backyard neighbors again, having another wild party. I went outside, and no one was out there. The music was coming from Deer Creek (now Verizon Wireless Music Center)! It was so loud. I checked their website, and 3 Doors Down was scheduled to play. I never knew they were a band that played to the louder is better crowd. The music got progressively louder through the hour. I was on the laptop, playing, when one of my buddies in the neighborhood instant messaged me to find out what the noise was. He could hear from his house too! Promptly at 11:00, the music stopped. There is an ordinance that Verizon is not allowed to have a concert go past 11. Thank goodness for that. I'm sure plenty of our neighbors notified the police to complain though.


Jade Mason