Shopping Trip

I went on a shopping trip this past weekend. I needed to get a couple of birthday gifts for Jenn, and I also wanted to look for a Gameboy Game. I wanted a game for the Gameboy because I figured there would be times in the hospital when Jenn and the baby would both be resting, and I couldn't sleep. I wanted something to keep me occupied. I know this is probably wishful thinking on my part, but you never know. Plus, it was a good excuse to go hunting for a game.
I read a bunch of reviews online, and it seems that Mario & Luigi : Superstar Saga was a good game to get. It is a role playing game (RPG) with Mario & Luigi center-stage working together. I like RPG games, and I've liked the majority of Super Mario Brothers games that I've played, so it sounded like a good deal to me. I went to the Castleton Mall first, as I wanted to make sure I got Jenn's birthday gifts before I did anything else. Once that was done, I checked into the Electronics Boutique at the mall. They had a really small selection of Gameboy Advance (GBA) games, and were sold out of Mario & Luigi : Superstar Saga (ML:SS). So then I headed over to BestBuy. The only copy they had was running in the GBA SP demo model. Otherwise, they were sold out as well. Next, I headed over to the Walmart. Once again, sold out, save for the demo model. Finally, I stopped at the new EBGames store. They had a copy left, and at a decent price too: $29.95. I'm pretty happy with Nintendo for pricing the GBA games as low as they do. It makes them a lot more accessible than the $50 GameCube games.
So I've played ML:SS for about an hour and a half, and it is a lot of fun! There characters have a lot of personality, and the game has that indescribable fun-ness that the Super Mario Brothers series is famous for. I even caught Jenn playing it for a few minutes the other night! So I may not end up with the time to play it, but I'm prepared in the case that it should happen.


Jade Mason