Game Crazy

I went game crazy this weekend. Jenn was going out shopping with her mom, and I had a list of things that I wanted to get done. I needed to get a pair of steel toed shoes for work, and I also wanted another pair of Columbia pants. I could get both at Galyan's. I needed a hair cut. I wanted a new body pillow, because Koby has the disgusting habit of drooling all over the one I have now. It is no fun to crawl into bed at night only to find a soaking wet, cold body pillow in your spot. Eeesh! I also wanted to get a GameBoy Player, which is a device that lets me play GameBoy games on my television screen.

I started out going to Great Clips, just down the road. They were having a $5.99 haircut deal, and it was an hour wait to get in. I put my name on the list, then headed to the bank for some cash. After robbing the bank, I dropped into the Target to find a body pillow. To my dismay, they don't stock them. The clerk said that they only stock them in the spring and fall, when college students are moving about. I thought that was pretty strange. I also stopped in at McVans Video Games. Jenn has been asking me about Super Mario Brothers, from the old Nintendo. I stopped in to see if they had either the original, or the GameBoy remake of it. I stuck out.

After my haircut, it was down to Galyan's, where I found a pair of steel toed shoes and a nice pair of pants. The pants have removable legs, so they can be shorts too. They are one of the few kinds of pants that can fit my enormous legs. The mall was crazy. The entire place was packed, and traffic in and out of the mall area was absurd. I scooted out of Galyan's, avoiding as much mall traffic as possible, and hopped over to BestBuy. I quickly found the GameBoy Player, but I was also side-tracked by a copy of the original Diablo for the PC for $9.99. I loved this game, so I decided to grab it. These were going on gift cards, so the money didn't bother me.

My next stop was at the EBGames store. This is where I got into real trouble. I found the Super Mario Brothers Deluxe game right away, which was the GameBoy version of SMB. Unfortunately, the clerk then let me know that I bought two used games, I could get one for free. Now you know I can't pass up on that deal. So I looked and looked, and I found a used copy of Dr. Mario, which is a puzzle game that I love. I also found a copy of Soul Caliber 2 for the GameCube. Soul Caliber is currently the most popular fighting game for the Cube, so I decided to give it a shot. Then the clerk told me that if I got a EBGames membership for $10, I could get 10% off of my used games and a free magazine subscription. I must have had sucker written all over my face that day.

I got home and had just too much fun the rest of the weekend. I installed Diablo and played that for something like 5 hours. I played Soul Caliber way into the night. I played Dr. Mario until my ears couldn't take that old time 8-bit music anymore. The next day, Jenn and I played some Soul Caliber, and I hooked up the GameBoy Player to play some Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga and Metroid Fusion. Other than spending too much time reading my law book, it was a fantastic Sunday. The snow was coming down, and we had a fire going. I'd like to have another five days in a row like that.


Jade Mason